Do you have a Child with Challenging Behaviour

Are you a Parent, Carer, Foster Carer, Guardian who would like to…

WalkwithMeUK has years of experience to equip Parents, Carers, Foster
Carers and Guardians with strategies and tools to practically manage challenges
such as violent, aggressive, controlling, destructive, self-harm behaviours
from their children and young people that are often linked to e.g. school exclusions,
special educational needs, grooming and child exploitation; to strengthen and rebuild
relationships within families and communities using the
Non-Violent Resistance (NVR) approach
to create an enriched and harmonious lifestyle.


Innovative, Interactive

Testimonies For Our Parent Programmes

”I’m already thinking about my actions when entering a discussion with my daughter now, and its changing, its been more harmonious in the house”

“I was pleased with the flow of the session and the similarities in the situation I am in and another attendee on the course”

“Great that I can prioritise what’s important to focus on in her behaviour”

“Really helpful session, prioritising how to react to behaviours and which behaviours are most important to be identified”

“Recognising the progress made during the course has been satisfying”

“I’ve learnt to show an act of kindness or love even when I’m 100% mad with her”

“Good session, I feel like I’m getting a better understanding of the key and core elements of the course and the changes that I need to implement and adapt too, thank you”

“I have tools now to fall back on and I am
practising to de-escalate daily which is so helpful”

“This programme has been life changing”

“It has been a miracle”

“My child is slowly opening up to me”

“Using the NVR tools has helped so much to manage my adopted son, thank you”

Professionals can refer parents and carers,  individuals can also  self-refer

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