“I Was Always Told I Have a Great Listening Ear,

make People Feel at Ease and Uplifted”

This has led me onto what was clearly, my calling, to making a difference!!!

From 2015 I had gained extensive experience in facilitating, co facilitating, co-ordinating many Non-Violent Resistance (NVR) parent and professional training groups and public speaking at conferences in the UK and Overseas.

I have a passion and desire to make change in a positive way by supporting others such as parents, carers, guardians and professionals.

This derived from using the NVR tools first hand and realised they are invaluable; I eat, sleep and breathe the tools meaning I use it for everything.

Over the years of working with families it soon became evident that there was a desperate need for a viable point of contact to support families experiencing the impact of when their child or young person were presenting challenging behaviours such as violence and aggression; most were linked to school exclusions, absconding, child criminal exploitation, just to name a few.

Having ‘hands on non judgemental and empathetic’ support from myself had been life changing for many families; they literally “Walked with Me”. This was the start for them seeing any light at the end of what was a very long and dark tunnel; as many were victims of abuse from either their partners, children or both.

In those times I became an active volunteer supporting NVR Parent and Professional Groups for the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) in a few boroughs and worked intensely with the Policies and Research Department for the Missing People Charity.

Due to that, an opportunity arose to be invited to an All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) initiative; expressing the importance of supporting and working in partnership with families suffering unprecedented traumas.

In addition to making a difference in people’s lives, having a love for music, singing and dancing, generally bringing people together is what gives me joy. Family is the heart and soul of what I believe in and value; a foundation of unity. It is a natural process for me to want to share the love.

Professionals can refer parents and carers,  individuals can also  self-refer

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